We are producing and exporting walnut (Greek nut) kernels and walnuts (Greek nuts) in shell, which is grown in environmentally clean region in Ukraine. The quality of our production is according to the international standards and it’s proved by certificates.

Commodity: Walnut kernels, Whole walnut in shell.

Please let us know your firm requirements, end use, packing mode if any special, port of discharge, and other terms and condition provided with specification and our team will be given a good price for you.

  • — Caliber: 28mm40%, 30mm40%, 32mm up20%.
  • — Shape: round.
  • — Moisture 8% max.; admixture1% max; imperfect 3% max.
  • — Thickness of the shell: 0.9-1.5mm. And from one kg walnut in shell, you can get 0.5-0.6kg kernels.
  • — Style: Dried (No garbage, no black, no rotten).
Humidity, %, not more
Purity, %, not less
Trash admixture, %, not more
Including mineral admixture, %, not more
Injurous Zdditive, %, not more
Meal content, %, not more
InfectiousnessbycropplantspestsMetallomagnetic admixture per 1kg of millet, not more (mg)
Kernelsare free of flowering film, well polished
White with yellow, sometimes green tints
Corresponding to normal cereal,without other smells, not fusty, not musty
Corresponding to normal cereal,withoutotherflavors, not sour, not bitter
Not admitted

Packing: polypropylene sack per 10, 25 kg or in carton (2x10kg Vacuum packing Bags), Could also be packed according to customers’ requirements.

Inside Kernels dry, healthy free of damage, not the pro rancid, without damages by insects, without live and dead wreckers, a general view healthy without the withered, wrinkled parts, without a foreign smell.

  • — Food
  • — Ornamental and other uses
  • — Maize as a commodity
  • — Ukraine
  • — Russia
  • — Moldova

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