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Red/White Cap Nido Milk Powder

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This popular well-known instant milk powder is being produced by Nestlé, Nestlé Nido full cream milk powder contains calcium, vitamins A & D that contribute to the development of the immune system and strengthen the bones. The milk is not suitable for children below the age of 1.

Processing: Via laser cutting, brushing, polishing, painting and assembly by experienced senior technician for Tin Boxes for Milk Tin Can.

Material: 0.23mm tinplate or customer requirement of Milk Tin Can.

Whole milk powder, emulsifier (soy lecithin), not less than 28% fat, contains milk.

Typical Chemical and Physical Analysis

Moisture3.0% maxAS2300.1.1 1988
Fat28.0% minAS2300.1.3 1988
Acidity0.14% maxADPI916 1990
Ash5.0% — 6.0%AS2300.1.5 1988
Lactose39.0% typeCaculated
Lechithin00:20% typeNIRO 22a
Insolubility Index0.5 ml maxAS2300.4.4 1994
Scorched particlesDisc A/32.5gm maxAS2300.4.5 1994
Bulk Density0.44 — 0.50 g/mlAS2300.4.3 1994
Flavour & OdourGoodAS2300.4.2 1994
Appearance & colourNormalAS2300.4.2 1994
Wettability10 sec maxIDF 87 1979
Dispersibility (20 secs)80% minIDF 87 1979
Vitamin A2350-3650 IUNZ MAF (WOOLARD)
Vitamin D300 IU minAOAC 981.17 1990
Phosphatase<2 ug p’n-phen/mlAS2300.1.10 1988
Inhibitory substances<0.003 ug/mlAS1766.3.11 1991

Typical Microbiological Analysis

Standard Plate Count10,000/g maxAS1766.2.1 1991
ColiformsNot detected/gAS1766.2.3 1992
Yeasts & Moulds10/g maxAS1766.2.2 1994
Coagulase positive StaphNot detectedPSL 2.1
SalmonellaNot detected/1500gPAGE 1

Nutrition Information

Energy303 kj/100ml
Sodium47 mg/100ml
Calcium117 mg/100ml

Packaging Details: Standard export carton and/or pallet.or as per customer’s request.

Can (Tinned):

  • — 24 tins x 400 grams
  • — 12 tins x 900 grams
  • — 6 tins x 1800 grams
  • — 6 tins x 2500 grams

Text: English/Arabic with the availability of stickers upon request.

  • — 24 tins x 400gms (load ability in 20′ fcl — 910 cartons / 40’fcl — 1800 cartons).
  • — 12 tins x 900gms (20′ fcl — 900 cartons / 40’fcl — 1750 cartons).

Language: English, Arabic

Storage: Keep the tin closed. Store in a cool and dry place.

Preparation Info: Add 3 tablespoons (33g) of Nestlé Nido milk powder to 1 glass of lukewarm or cold, previously boiled water.

Delivery Time: 7 Days

  • — Food
  • — Maize as a commodity
  • — Holland

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