Full Cream Milk Powder

Full Cream Milk Powder 100% from Cow’s Milk


General specification:

Producer under European Union requirements on food production.
Fat content: min. 26%
Moisture:   max. 4%
Appearance: fine powder, no lumps, no admixtures
Colour: white, slightly cream colour
Aroma: typical for milk, no side aromas
Taste: fresh milk taste, no side tastes
Proteins: 26%
Lactose: 38%
Total plate count: max. 10 000/g
Coliforms: max. 10/g
Salmonella: negative in 25g
Ecoli: negative in 10g
Yeasts and moulds: max. 100/g
No melamine, no antibiotics, no pathogens, GMO free.

Nutritional value (100 g)

fat — 26.0 g,
carbohydrates — 37.5 g,
proteins — 26.0 g.
Energy value (100g. product)  — 479,0 kcal.

Packaging: 25 kg paper bags with PE lining inside.

Number of cabags on pallet: 32 bags.

Net weight per pallet: 800 kg.

Pallet size: euro pallet, 120x80 cm.

Storage terms and conditions:

In clean and airy places at relative humidity up to 70 % away from direct sunlight, at temperature not more than 70 C.

Usage directions (for 100 g product):

Pour the product (100 grams) in a suitable container and add to it 500 ml lukewarm water (30C).

Pour the ready solution into a bowl containing 500 ml hot (but not boiling) water (60C).

  • — Food
  • — Maize as a commodity
  • — Ukraine
  • — Russia
  • — Moldova
  • — Belarus

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