Walnut Kernel

We are producing and exporting walnut (Greek nut) kernels and walnuts (Greek nuts) in shell, which is grown in environmentally clean region in Ukraine. The quality of our production is according to the international standards and it’s proved by certificates.

Commodity: Walnut kernels, Whole walnut in shell.

Please let us know your firm requirements, end use , packing mode if any special, port of discharge , and other terms and condition provided with specification and our team will be given a good price for you.

Moisture 6%max;
Admixture 0.1%max;
Mini order: 10 MT.
— 1/2 (half) — $ 6.3 per kg.
— Mix 1 (50% 1/2 + 50% 1/4, 1 / 8) — 5.6 $ per kg.
— Mix 2 (1/2, 1/4.1/8.1/16) 5.2$ per kg.
— Crashed 4.2$ per kg.

As per client request or as following:

  • — 3, 5, 10 kgs Vacuum Bags
  • — Carton Boxes of 10 or 15 kgs inside anti humidity papers to reserve the walnut from humidity and deterioration

The finally CIF price we can give it after received all details about order.

Delivery: Within 15-20 days from the date of signing the contract.

Products are accompanied certificates: qualities, origins, fitosanitary, radiological,customs clearance and all necessary documents for export.

We have a good harvest this year for walnut. So we can become your stable and longtime supplier.

Owing to an excellent quality and a competitive price our products have success not only in Ukraine, but also in the foreign countries.

  • — Food
  • — Ornamental and other uses
  • — Maize as a commodity
  • — Ukraine
  • — Russia
  • — Moldova

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